Lean Construction Program: Baker 2.0

Lean Construction stresses collaborative building through disciplined teams, an initiative that fits extremely well with Baker’s high-efficiency approach to construction. Since 2005, Baker has been exploring and implementing the unique and proven principles of Lean Construction. In keeping with Baker’s culture, the Lean approach raises the bar in safety, quality, and production. It enhances Baker’s corporate mission, vision, and values, our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety program, as well as ISO 9001 quality standards.

The Baker 2.0 Lean program consists of these best practices:
  • Last Planner® System (LPS)
  • Milestone Planning – An overview of the project where historical data is applied to the major phases to determine schedule feasibility and resource requirements
  • Pull Planning – An in-depth look at the various resources and hand-offs that are required to complete the work
  • Weekly Work Planning - Day-by-day planning for the handoffs that will occur in the upcoming week
  • Daily Huddles – Daily review of detailed plans, last minute modifications, and transfer of plans to craft workers
  • Percent Plan Complete – Examination of weekly performance where variances in production are studied, root causes are identified, and countermeasures are installed


With the adoption of the Lean process, Baker has solidified its commitment to continuous improvement, greatly accelerating learning and collaboration on projects. And improvements go beyond pure efficiencies. Since embracing these new concepts, Baker has enjoyed fewer incidents, higher quality, improved schedule performance, less “firefighting,” and more time to plan, collaborate, and solve problems.

For more information about the Baker 2.0 Lean Construction Program, please contact Dave MacNeel, Operations Manager, LEED AP, Lean Construction Champion.

Project Experience

Baker has implemented a form of our Lean process on a variety of project types and market segments.

Miami Airport Link height=

Miami Airport Link

Relieving the stresses of roadway congestion, the new Miami Airport Link (previously named Orange Line) will connect a variety of high profile venues throughout the city of Miami, Florida. The 2.4 mil ...
The Great American Tower height=

The Great American Tower

Overlooking the city from atop its architecturally impressive tiara, the inspiring 41-story Great American Tower crowns Cincinnati with its tallest skyscraper to date. Baker's total package concret ...

Thyssen Krupp Steel Mill height=

Thyssen Krupp Steel Mill

As part of its targeted NAFTA growth strategy, Thyssen Krupp Steel and Stainless USA deliverately selected Calvert, Alabama as the resting place for its new $3.7 billion steel processing facility. ...

MIC Rental Car Center height=

MIC Rental Car Center

The $325.5 million Rental Car Center represents the first major structure for the long-anticipated Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) program. This 4-story massive parking garage will provide ready/retu ...

Baker has solidified our commitment to continuous improvement, greatly accelerating
                        learning and collaboration on projects.

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