South Florida Operations

In 2004, Baker opened a formal office and expanded operations in South Florida after having an established presence there since 1982. In establishing this operation, Baker sought to put down roots in a region that is expected to expand dramatically over the next decade and to remain accessible to clients in the area.

Servicing South Florida from West Palm Beach to Key West including Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, the South Florida team primarily works on total package concrete projects and does not typically apply their expertise to only formwork or pump/place/finish projects in this region. This group specializes in high-rise structures, particularly multi-family residential, hospitality, healthcare, garage, and office buildings, as well as logging significant experience with airports.

Nova Coral Lab height=

Nova Coral Lab

The Southeastern University Center for Excellence Nova Coral Reef Ecosystems Science Research Facility located in Hollywood, Florida, is a national and global leader in coral studies. The facility its ...
The University of Florida Research Academic Center height=

The University of Florida Research Academic Center

The University of Florida Research Academic Center at Lake Nona is a 4-story

Miami Airport Link height=

Miami Airport Link

Relieving the stresses of roadway congestion, the new Miami Airport Link (previously named Orange Line) will connect a variety of high profile venues throughout the city of Miami, Florida. The 2.4 mil ...
Compartment B Pump Stations G 434, G436 height=

Compartment B Pump Stations G 434, G436

G-434 is a water pump station located in the heart of the Florida Everglades. The unique location along with the stringent specifications required coordination, planning, and knowledge, all of which B ...
New Marlins Stadium height=

New Marlins Stadium

Opening in 2012, a new ballpark for the Florida Marlins is under construction on the site of the former Orange Bowl. A distinguishing feature of the stadium will be its retractable roof-not because ...

Brickell Financial Centre height=

Brickell Financial Centre

The $150 million, 40-story Brickell Financial Centre office tower project in Miami features office space as well as restaurants and retail space, along with a 30,000 square feet (sf) public plaza. ...

MIC Rental Car Center height=

MIC Rental Car Center

The $325.5 million Rental Car Center represents the first major structure for the long-anticipated Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) program. This 4-story massive parking garage will provide ready/retu ...

500 Brickell height=

500 Brickell

In the heart of downtown Miami, 500 Brickell is the new meeting point for work and play. This twin tower, 42-story, 633-unit condominium is breathing more life into the ever popular financial district ...
W Resort & Residences height=

W Resort & Residences

W Resort & Residences is located overlooking the famed South Florida beach of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This complex consists of two curved, 19-story towers rising from three 5-story pedestals. Baker wa ...

South Florida Operations

5555 Anglers Ave., Suite # 1A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
P: 954.964.6027

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